M/s Isosaari – Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions apply to the guests of the M/s Isosaari. By making a reservation or checking the Terms and Conditions box on the Passenger Card you accept these Terms and Conditions.

Please note, that the earliest possible check-in time is at 2 pm on the day of arrival and the latest check-out time 12 am (noon) on the day of departure.

Booking Instructions

A guest can book a cabin through our affiliates, through our own website or directly through our customer service by phone by calling us at +358 600 390 111 (1,51 €/answered call + local network fee).

The Guest can cancel their reservation free of charge 24 hours before the start of the first day of stay. The charge of the room and other possible payments (bed linen etc.) will be charged from the client’s credit card on the morning of the day prior to arrival. Should the customer cancel the room after/within 24 hours of the start of the arrival day, they will be charged full price of the room. The cancellation will need to made using the same method as when making the booking. Should the guest not show up they will be charged full price of the room.

Guidelines and Rules for Accommodation

All guests will be sent an electronic passenger card to be filled in before check-in. The guest may be asked to show valid identification documentation during check-in. 

M/s Isosaari will provide the guests with detailed information regarding their stay after their credit card (Visa or MasterCard) has been charged for the room charge and other possible charges the day before arrival. Should the charge not go through using the credit card provided by the guest, the booking will be terminated and client will be notified. The client can notify us of new credit card information, but we cannot confirm room availability. 

Only the persons reported in the passenger card to be staying in the hotel are allowed to stay at the boat (please see ‘Liability for Damages’). The door codes or keys must not be given to persons other than those staying in the hotel (please see ‘Liability for Damages’). The keys to the room must be returned to the coded key box upon departure (please see ‘Liability for Damages’). The guest has a responsibility to check that all the doors are closed and locked behind them when entering or leaving the hotel (please see ‘Liability for Damages’).

Guests should adhere to silence during 22 pm – 6 am. During this time it is forbidden to disturb other guests by speaking loudly, listening to loud music or television with the sound turned up, or other otherwise disturbing the other guests (please see ‘Liability for Damages’). 

Please check upon your departure that the room is complete with all the same items and equipment as upon your arrival – movables, bed linen and towels (if ordered) and bedding (please see ‘Liability for Damages’).

Smoking and making a fire inside or on the outside areas of the boat is strictly forbidden. Smoking inside the boat may cause a fire or a fire alarm, and the guest responsible for will be held liable for any and all damages caused by a possible fire or fire alarm (please see ‘Liability for Damages’).

Pets are not allowed to stay in or visit the boat (please see ‘Liability for Damages’).

All kinds of professional services or carrying on a trade in the boat is forbidden (please see ‘Liability for Damages’).

Any breaking of the rules stated in this document can and will lead to the immediate termination of the guests stay and removal from the premises. Should the stay be terminated due to the breaking of these rules by the guest or a person(s) staying in the same cabin, the money charged for the stay will not be returned and the hotel will not be responsible for any compensation. 


If a room is booked continually for over five days, the room will be cleaned during the stay free of charge. Should the client also want to change the bed linen and towel, an additional 4,90 €/bed will be charged.

Liability for Damages

The client is responsible to compensate all expenses related to damage or disadvantage caused by them, such as breakage, causing disturbance, missing property/items or other such reason. The client will be provided with detailed information of aforementioned damage, to which the client can respond with an answer. The damages will be charged from the same credit card used to charge for the room fee, or by other method agreed upon with the client. 

Personnel and Surveillance

The boat has personnel during daytime, evenings and at night. Please note, that the boat has a recording and remote controlled surveillance system on the outside and inside in the common areas. 

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Welcome onboard!

M/s Isosaari
Helsinki 22nd November 2018