The boat has 17 cabins for 1-6 persons each, most equipped with a bunk bed but some with also a double bed. The cabins are basic class: the showers, saunas and toilets are located in the corridor. The cabins are well insulated and are cozy and warm even during the winter.

The A Class Cabins are located in the main deck and have windows, B Class Cabins are located below deck and have windows, C Class Cabins are windowless cabins below deck. Almost all A and B Class Cabins have a sink. The linen, towels and bedding are high quality hotel textiles.

The common area is located in the upper deck. The ship has a beverage vending machine and a fully equipped kitchen with two refrigerators, stove/burner, a microwave oven, toaster, coffee machine and a dishwasher. A smart dining area and a spacious lounge with a large TV make the common space a comfortable and cozy place to relax. The ship is equipped with free wireless internet access (Wi-Fi).

Please note, that although the boat is primarily automated and equipped with a 24/7 survaillance system, there is a guard in duty in the evenings and through the night. All of the common areas are equipped with a recording surveillance system. Only the guests staying in the cabin are allowed to stay on the boat.

Pets are unfortunately not allowed on the boat for hygiene and allergy reasons.

Due to it’s layout and staircases, the hotel is not suitable for those with disabilities.

You will receive clear and simple instructions for checking in and out a day before your check in. Please note, that the failure to comply with the rules will result in the immediate termination of your stay and monetary compensation for the actions taken on our behalf.